Repo Man – Ray Lamontagne

With a soft shuffle and a some how laid back yet busy groove this opener on The Pariah Dogs album belies the alt country that awaits within. This could be mid-seventies soul or some soft jam band funk record. Then comes Ray’s voice.

“I heard the word, it’s goin’ all around town, Looks like your latest toy gone put you down”

I wouldn’t have been surprised to learn this was a cover. A Stones track or even a Marvin or a Sam. But it’s all Ray’s. He’s growling about his ex trying to get back in with him.

“I’m listenin’ to your beg and your plead, Don’t fill my heart with no pity, What makes you think I’m gonna take you back again? I ain’t no repo man.”

The breaks on here show we have a band who can turn on a sixpence. From fiddly riffs to hand claps or kick drum looseness. It’s a terrific groove. It stops suddenly leaving you mid boogie, then starts up again, and again, then one time it doesn’t.


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