Zep’lin Song – Courtney Love

“Will you accept a collect call from Robert Plant? We picked him up on Vine”

Courtney Love’s tale of a Led Zeppelin obsessed boyfriend during her table dancing days is half wasted in it’s delivery, yet in the lyrics she’s struggling to make sense of the boy and his excesses.

“I got a job, minimum wage and a table dance, He drinks my beer and plays guitar, He’s on my bed wasted every night when I come home, Playin’ the same old lead again and again, and again”

The punky chugging guitar line is pure LA dirt. The frustration is entirely understandable.

“Sometimes I gotta say shut up! Sometimes I gotta say so what? I don’t think that it’s so punk! What’s with the Zep’lin song?”

Miss Love isn’t the only one feeling frustrated with the most famous song to be banned from music shops the world over. There is a verse sung from the tortured instruments perspective.

“I’m a guitar, honest pop single cut away, please don’t play that song on me again. I’ll explode, I’ll break all my strings and stop playing shit”

This isn’t the biggest track from Courtney’s first solo album America’s Sweetheart. It’s a silly knockabout number tucked away between the big guns. But it does appear to be a big slice of life diary entry. Between the serious tracks comes the relatable frustration of young relationships and the warning that the annoying things you do now will be the defining thing you’re remembered for decades from now.

“Oh God the Zeplin song, No no the Zeplin song, Here comes the Zeplin song, Oh God the Zeplin song, Shut up!”




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