Medium Rare – Pulled Apart By Horses

You need to see this band live. They whip up a delicious storm of thudding drums and slinky grooves. They’re the perfect mix of cro magnon lunk-headed rifferty biff and boom and wicked lyrical wit. People flop around in front of their stages like rag dolls caught in the surf. The chosen moniker for the band is one of the most fitting a band could have. They do sound like being Pulled Apart By Horses without ever having to cross over into metal territory.

The melodies of the vocal are hummable pop but the content is all loser cool and post everything irony.

“Like death warmed up you’re a medium rare prime cut, just forget everything you know, Let’s try to make this house a home, I’m a confuser, An occasional loser”

PBAH make a righteous racket. I’ll be seeing them again next time they tour.


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