Wrecking Bar (Ra Ra Ra) – The Vaccines

Short, shouty and to the point. Wrecking Bar (Ra Ra Ra) dances on Spinal Tap’s thin line in a manic jig.

For a song that opens with “Pretty girl, wreckin’ bar, Ra ra ra ra yeah you are!” as it’s first rhyming couplet you could be forgiven for writing The Vaccines off as sub Liam Gallagher Indie swaggerers. All Northern strut and skinny jeans. You’d be wrong.

I couldn’t imagine Beady Eye coming out with “The angels gave F. Scott Fitzgerald, The evening news and the morning herald, I know that you’re from very far, Les femmes, les bars; c’est pas une joie!” All over a full tilt MC5 inspired racket.

In less than a minute and a half these 21st century skiffle enthusiasts set out their stall as a bit more than landfill indie. The Vaccines are well schooled in the ways of rock and the ways of roll.

2011’s What Did You Expect From The Vaccines is a solid record. But you get the full gist right here in 90 seconds.

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