Speakers Push The Air – Pretty Girls Make Graves

A 2000’s indie anthem that can be easily filed under ‘Songs about Songs’.

Pretty Girls Make Graves were out of Seattle in 2001 and join Shakespeare’s Sister, This Charming Man and Panic! At The Disco on the list of ‘Bands named after Smiths songs’. They have the deeper credentials that The Smiths having stolen that title from Kerouac. So you see how it goes.

A bit Sleater Kinney, a bit Long Blondes and a bit Vaselines the band put out three albums in four years and by 2008 they were gone.

This little ditty about the effects music can have on the young and impetuous makes for a great coda. Not all bands can last forever. This earworm makes for a welcome reminder every time the ‘random’ function throws them back up into the present day.

‘Do you remember what the music meant?’

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