Suburban Life – Kottonmouth Kings

Rowdy, mob handed and set to bounce. The track that introduced Sen Dog’s other group Kottonmouth Kings to the world in 1997 was a highlight of the Scream 2 soundtrack album.

After a woozy fairground fanfair the shouting starts. The pretty and clean trappings of life in the suburbs are getting barked down by a rough mob of stoners who have had it, with having it rough.

“Now my pops bought the system, American dreamer, Bought a new home and a brand new Beamer, But it didn’t long for things to fall apart, Because the system that he bought ain’t got no heart”

Less of a brag and more of a rant, the plight of the working man under the thumb of modern America is laid bare.

“From the bills for days he got blood shot eyes, The American dream was a pack of lies, 6 months later Municipal court, divorce time baby, child support”

The rambunctious row tumbles on. There’s soldiers in the burbs, selling gear on street corners. There’s ‘The Man’, the thugs, the whole same set of issues you get in the city. The suburbs aren’t so different it would appear. Just prettier and cleaner.
“There’s no cash back cause there was no receipt, Man suburban life ain’t done a dime for me”


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