Your Disease – Saliva

Right in the middle of NuMetal when bands were all looking wet with hair gel or baggy of shorts, Saliva popped on to the international rock scene looking like they were from the Rock Of Ages Musical.

Your Disease is a big bombastic hair metal song disguised as NuMetal with rap rock lyrics and millennial production tricks.

“In one moment, I’m goin’ all the way, I make my poetry everyday, And I’m frozen, comin’ right on time, I froze my mind with that serious rhyme”

Lyrically it’s excruciatingly bad. Like that Marky Ramone hip hop album thing. The whitest of dumb rap parody delivered by a guy who’s dressed like one of the band in Almost Famous.

Down tuned like grunge, spat bars like Limp Bizkit but undeniably when the chorus hits, as hair metal as Dokken. This sort of thing was all Kid Rock’s fault.

“And I want to take you down, but your soul cannot be found, It doesn’t matter much you see, ’cause your disease is killin’ me, And you know it’s only right, ’cause it feels like paradise, And I know nothin’ is for free, ’cause your disease is killin’ me”

It’s not obviously about anything in particular (maybe drugs, it’s usually drugs), It’s not pertinent, or insightful but as a muscular piece of aural decoration Your Disease was a Trojan horse from Hollywood circa 1986 wheeled into an era of Metal that has not aged that well in hindsight.

But I kind of love it for all of those reasons.

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