White Bear (Acoustic) – The Temperance Movement

The Temperance Movement are the band that bridge all rivers in our house. Mrs ForTheDeaf is as huge a fan of them and their gravelly blues voiced front man as I am their classic rock guitar work and awesome song writing.

White Bear was the title track of their second album released in 2016. This live promo trail acoustic version of the song gets played a lot round our way. The full on electric album version is a real belter but this stripped back live take shows that under the massive production and rock shapes there is a great song however it is played.

The real secret to this bands appeal is that voice. Phil Campbell is a golden god. A proper old fashioned rock star with a distinctive talent and a knowledge of his craft that’s born of years on the road.

I love that we’re both fans of a band who aren’t mega huge. It means we can get tickets to reasonable sized venues fairly easily and go see one of the UK’s best kept rock and roll secrets without spending the price of a small holiday.

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