Used For Glue – Rival Schools

This song sounds like putting a battery on your tongue tastes.

A finer example of this strain of edgy alternative rock that still occasionally births an anthem you’d be hard pressed to find. The squalls of feed back that pass as guitar pyrotechnics, the rumbling bass lines that fill the voids, the reedy vocals at their absolute limit. This band would be ruined by a bigger production or more expansive arrangements.

Schooled equally in Dinosaur Jr, Fugazi, Bad Brains and DC Hardcore the strength in Rival Schools sound is their grasp on a melody. They can wig out for 30 seconds and drill their song into the ground but they never lose the pop edge.

Like their early 2000’s peers The Walkmen and 90’s stoners Superdrag this band inhabit an intense space for angular shouty punk rock that never really had a scene and yet belongs in any period from 1977 to the present.

“Listen to a sound that can’t be still” indeed


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