Caligulove – Them Crooked Vultures

My love for Queens of the Stone Age is well documented. The extended family of other bands, side projects and weird collaborations that entails very rarely fails to yield a quality tune or two. But once in a while the sum of the parts involved gets something so barnstormingly right it’s better than you’d expect a Foo Fighters, Queens, Led Zeppelin collaboration to be. That’s B.E.T.T.E.R than you think the guys who brought you All My Life, Go With The Flow and Whole Lotta Love can manage.

Caligulove is a juggernaut of a doom rock number with space for weird percussion breakdowns, church organ solos and a wonky fuzzy piano coda.

First and foremost this is B-Movie monster rock. Stomping on villages and crushing all underfoot with a riff dressed up like giant lizard. The sonic waves emanating from the riffs heart are ridden by John Paul Jones influence on the arrangements. They make space for all that strange stuff to sound totally at home. Homme’s slightly hymnal melody and falsetto vocal ride the crest of the cacophony.

The Them Crooked Vultures album is a great record and Caligulove stands out for me as the best tune that didn’t get out there to do any promo. It’s hidden away on an album which will become a valuable nugget for fans digging down into the respective artist discographies for years to come.

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