Talk To Me – Run The Jewels

“I told y’all suckers! I told y’all suckers on RTJ 1 then I told you again on RTJ 2 but you still ain’t believing so here we go, RTJ 3 Motherfuckers!”

I can’t believe they just give this stuff away for free. And yet, that’s a really Run The Jewels thing to do.

RTJ are the realest rap duo dancing on that fine Rap/Rock cross over line. It’s politicised, energetic, catchy as all hell, funny, frantic and so very very skilful. Run The Jewels have always been angry. Killer Mike and El-P have long careers behind them as informed and intelligent MC’s with a cause. Talk To Me is full of playful tricks like the evangelical call out in quotes above, a iPhone worrying sample that sounds like your wi-fi has give out mid song and some serious old school scratching.

We’re baiting Trump, quoting Public Enemy, chest beating in the face of immoral institutions and throwing lines like  “Rain Man didn’t die face down in the Vietnam mud so I could not style on you” and “You think Baby Jesus killed Hitler just so I’d whisper?” like that is not a big deal.

It’s free on their website right now. If you haven’t heard it. Go and get it.


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