Ain’t Got Nobody – Weezer

Weezer are forever the skinny indie nerds playing Buddy Holly in Al’s Diner in a lot of peoples minds. If you’re more than a passing fan you’ll know every now and then they colour code their albums (Blue, Green, Red, Black & White done so far) and that Pinkerton (pink album?) is considered their masterpiece.

It’s the other records that contain the real hidden gems. Everything Will Be Alright In The End is a minor footnote in the history of Rock. Ain’t Got Nobody is Weezer doing a full on robust and muscular heavy metal anthem. It’s not the first time they’ve gone full on ‘down tuned power metal’. They’ve even had a hit single with Hash Pipe. A riff so heavy it can at first hearing be mistaken for Pantera.

Ain’t Got Nobody starts with a neat little trick. A little girl cries out “I had another nightmare” Mommy responds ‘Go back to sleep honey, everything will be alright in the end’ (so far so Alice Cooper) then the chugging riff builds over harmonised chanting of the title. What follows is the most accomplished Mötley Crüe song Mötley Crüe never recorded. A full on 80’s metal bag of tricks. But it’s not naff because you know it’s recorded by nerds in glasses and sweaters and not quarterbacks in make up and spandex. The whole thing comes over like the results of a bizarre Make A Wish Foundation project to let geeky little Rivers Cumo join Anvil to make up for all the wedgies he got in school.

The rest of Everything Will Be Alright In The End strays little from the 80’s metal template in production values. They do the sing song Weezer style vocal they’re famous for over chuggier, more robust rock than usual and they even end the album with a prog rock trilogy of epic proportions. But the mission was really accomplished in the albums opening track. \m/

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