National Shite Day – Half Man Half Biscuit

It’s hard for a song to sound like it was recorded on half speed and like it was recorded in a gale but Half Man Half Biscuit have managed it. The sludgy fuzz of the guitar line pummels away as the modern malaise of Stockard Channing, Fat kids with sausage rolls, poor sods conduction polls and Primark FM are compared not entirely favourably to ‘the Mugaby government, the children of the Calcutta railways’

The guitar line struggles to find a key and the ethereal refrain of ‘Shite Day’ being sung by a ghoul who hasn’t worked since the Specials cut Ghost Town adds to the ‘rainbow overhead in black and white’

As a recollection of a walk through a ghastly town centre made song goes, National Shite Day is right on the money.

What starts out as polemic about the essential crapness of everything modern ends with a eulogy for a character known as Stringy Bob. The most we could have hoped for him was to have wandered on the hills to have his carcass stripped by hungry dogs but no, he came to a worse end. He ended up inside at Her Majesty’s leisure. May the Lord have mercy on Stringy Bob

Any song that features the line ‘There’s a man with a mullet going mad with a mallet in Millets’ is worth a punt but when it also rhymes ‘No bogroll’ with ‘cue drum roll’ it really must be National Shite Day.


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