Behold The Hurricane – The Horrible Crows

Brian Fallon has put out records under many guises in the last decade. If you came as a fan of The Gaslight Anthem, his solo stuff, This Charming Man or Molly and the Zombies you’ll recognise the full Falloness in effect on Behold The Hurricane.

It has a circular chiming riff, woahoh backing vocals and haunted regretful lyrics remembering love like a storm that blew through a life and left it changed in the aftermath.

‘I’m familiar with the cold, and the windows and the doors, the sound of my heart beating, beating in and out of time’

There’s dollops of Springsteen, R.E.M and Warren Zevon in this song but the loudest truest voice in the whole affair is Brian’s.

‘I don’t recognise myself, I’m not the man you loved, behold the hurricane’  If it were not so Americana you could almost call it emo.


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