Shine – Motörhead

I’ve mentioned it elsewhere but there’s a nice twist to a bands sound when they’re going through a less than classic line up. On Another Perfect Day, Motörhead tried on a new guitarist for size. Brian ‘Robbo’ Robertson from Thin Lizzy didn’t last long. Lemmy didn’t much like his taste in trousers by all accounts, but he did leave an interesting record behind during his short time with the band.

Motörhead are one of those bands accused of making the same record over and over again. As a pretty hardcore fan myself I tend to see it more as refining an artform through repetition. Shine is a great example of this. It’s totally classic Motörhead but it is adorned with more flourishes and trinkets than Bomber or Metropolis. Robbo plays like a firework on this album. This could be the finest record he ever made. Shine sounds amazing on it own. It sounds even better bowling straight into Dancing On Your Grave and then into Rock It. Most bands would have clung to the sound they found on Another Perfect Day for several years. Motörhead kicked him out for wearing purple.

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