Robots – Gameface

Gameface are like an unspoiled Green Day. They write clean cut pop punk rock songs about the scene, being broke and being a bit of a loser. They’ve never really blown up and so they keep ploughing the same field as Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, Fountains of Wayne and the like but they have an impressive back catalogue of good work. I’m sure they’ll feature in this list several times.

Robots is hidden away in latter half of the brilliant album Always On. It’s bold, it’s kind of metal-ish in it’s doomier boomier riff. It’s the heaviest track on the album. As is common the lyrics are focused on their immediate surroundings.

The Robots in the title are the Scenesters in the bar. They’re not keeping it real. There’s a dig at posers

“I don’t even know you but you’re making me heave, you talk of the old school but you’re only 19”


“why are you here looking like you’ve anesthetized, you see the same thing every year, just a bunch of robots in disguise”

and jocks

“you and your bros, yeah you act real hard, you really know how to dress the part, get your ass to the back of the bar ’cause you got nothing to say”

A trifling little nothing of a song for most perhaps, but for those who’ve spent years on the front line of the 2-300 capacity circuit it sounds like a Loach-ian slice of life drama (with a good riff).


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