Hyper Enough – Superchunk

It may sound like it was recorded through the wall on a dictaphone but the energy Superchunk hurl into Hyper Enough make it one of the most excitable little indie punk noises I’m yet to come across.

“If it weren’t for those lofty currents you’re riding on you would not exist. If it weren’t for the flashlight shining in my face maybe I could resist”

The condition of the recording is a fantastic example of how the things the experts think are important are not, when it comes to good art. A demonstration that enthusiasm, ‘can do’ spirit and just getting it done are 80 percent of the journey. The song works as a jolt of energy despite it’s thin flat production.

It helps these guys make a coherent likable racket. That the cool laid back vocals of Mac McCaughan have an easy charm. That they know the short sharp shock rule.

The album this track comes from is titled Here’s Where The Strings Come In. That knowing reference to the shortcomings of the production says a lot about their ‘Just get it out there’ attitude. I respect the hell out of that.

Superchunk sound like a band you’d be delighted to learn were playing tonight in the venue down the street. It’s pop enough, it’s got a charming guitar refrain, yet it squeals around and has the mid song breakdown dynamic of a great rock anthem.

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