Super – Neu!

You can’t call a song an instrumental if there’s a crazy German guy screaming feral nonsense all over the back of the track. The yelping is more percussion than vocal. Super is a belting piece of music. It’s a 3 minute burst of instruments not sounding quite how they should, yet they’re played so fast they might come right any second. The bass line sounds like it’s being played on plastic. The Drums are tin. The myriad other noises all tumble stop and tumble again like they’re throwing themselves down many flights of stairs, while making short work of each landing.

My elder brother used to have a racecar game on his cassette loaded Spectrum computer called Outrun. It came with a second tape. One tape had the game on it (if you’re old enough to remember the noise a computer game makes when it’s loading that’s close to the guitar sound on this track) the other had the games soundtrack. A repetitive synthy riff tumbling over and over hastened the illusion of speed as your pixelated red Ferrari swerved all over the screen.

Of course the seed Sega planted with providing a cassette to listen to spurred me on to experiment. There were hundreds of cassettes in my brothers room next to the computer. Neu! 2 stood out as the perfect replacement for Sega’s nominated soundtrack. I still get a kick out of driving my car to this song now. Though I will admit in 1986 I wasn’t above putting the Outrun Soundtrack cassette in my Walkman and riding my bike round the block to it like an idiot.


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