Your Belgian Things – The Mountain Goats

I find bitter break up songs to be a delicious little delicacy. Other people’s raw emotions and relationship bug bears help us relate and deal with our own baggage. Nowhere is it more acceptable to metaphorically hit the Haagen Dazs than in a break up song.

Your Belgian Things is full of vinegar regret and passive aggression. The upset caused in the narrator’s significant other moving out of a shared apartment is laid bare for all to stare in at.

It’s woeful, articulate, resentful and really quite beautiful.

The emotional attachment imbued onto the possessions the removal men come to collect in Your Belgian Things is tangible and transferable. Biohazard suits are required to protect them from the heartache. Like sci-fi radiation poisoning they glow fluorescent with the upset of being torn from a once happy home.

The atmosphere is captured for prosperity in the camera of the one who stays. But the ‘camera groans beneath the weight it bears’.

Why John from the Mountain Goats would ever develop that ‘roll of 32 exposures’ and relive this traumatic day I don’t know. But he seems the type who might.

Your Belgian Things – The Mountain Goats


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