I Am Electric – Heaven’s Basement

I’m driving home to my Wife late at night. I’ve been out at a work thing where we represent the company while people drink free champagne and ‘network’. I don’t network very well. One of the best things about living in in the rural home counties is you have to drive home rather than get the train (we’re not important enough to warrant a hotel).

Once I’m alone in the car I switch the radio looking for something decent. There’s a band in session. They’re called Heaven’s Basement and they have a real rapport with the presenter. I’ve never heard of them or the presenter because I’m an old man listening to a show for teenagers.

They’re playing a semi acoustic set (as is the way with radio sessions) and they stop sharing in jokes with the studio crew and start playing. The song is immense. Even in a stripped back, raw acoustic form the band sound like they’re from another era.

There’s nonsense rhyming couplets designed to brag about ones ‘rockness’*

*Sample lyric: “I am the fighter, I’m the protector, I am the AC, I am the DC, I am electric”

and there’s a ridiculous abandon in the bands playing which sort of means you can hear them smiling as they play. It’s a dumb disposable nugget of rock. And that’s why it’s brilliant. You see those are the ones that mean the most.

The next day I downloaded their album ‘Filthy Empire’. It’s a fun old school ‘Judas Priest support act’ of a record. Full of great tracks. But the one I go to when I want to convert someone to “this great new band I’ve discovered” is I am Electric.

By the way, when it comes to calling something a ‘Judas Priest Support Act’ of a record, there is no higher compliment.

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