Scotchguard The Credit Card – Les Savy Fav

We’ve made some questionable decisions when it comes to finances. We’ve been well off, piss poor, loaded and just managing at various points over the years. It’s been a hell of a ride…

Les Savy Fav hit me like a transit full of hookey gear when I first heard Scotchguard The Credit Card. I was at a gig in which I had no idea why I was at.

The studio version on the album Let’s Stay Friends is not too hectic a 3 minute rocker. It comes at you with sneery guitars and a big-ish shouty chorus. It’s good stuff.

Live they’re a mental motherfucker of a band and everything becomes shouty catharsis…

“You’re Goddamn right I resent the rent, not just the leases or the money spent, it’s the way that it keeps us from the present tense, wont somebody meet me in the present tense”

…Speaks volumes when you’re planning bills over meals and working out how close you can get to payday when you have half a tank of petrol and toothache.

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