Still Here – B. Dolan

Scroobius Pip big’s this guy up all the time on his Distraction Pieces podcast. So I thought I’d check him out. Not one to go buying music willy nilly I went with the free download of the lead track from the live album We Show Up on B. Dolan’s own website. I lived with it for about a week before I started buying everything he’d done where ever I could find it.

This version of Still Here is immense. A full band laying down huge grooves with eastern rhythms, bombastic vocal delivery from B and every lyric bursting with the irresistible energy of determination in the face of loss.

MCA gets a reference, Buddy Peace is given a blessing, Dolan’s own father writes a couple of the lines from his death bed. The verse capping refrain ‘Happy New Year’ sounds defiant in it’s optimism.

This track may be from a release in 2010 but we need it’s like in the early days of 2017.

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