Wet Sand – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Proper epic songs are hard to pull off. Especially if the band in question are usually ‘ditty’ based and used to bothering the charts with their output.

My love of RHCP is almost as old as my love of music itself. They’ve always been there. Knocking out the hits reliably for over 3 decades. However my LOVE of RHCP actually grows from their left field. From the tracks that don’t have hilarious videos or Indie Disco credentials.

There’s a diverse and rewarding alternative history to this band. Tracks hidden on albums, B-sides and soundtrack compilations which would have made just as strong a case for them being megastar festival headliners but would have them seen as much more multidimensional than the socks on cocks Dani Californicators the unacquainted many would see.

Nowhere is this more evident than Stadium Arcadium’s empire building epic Wet Sand. It’s the Chili’s do a whole side of Led Zeppelin in 5 minutes. It starts small and fragile, it builds with a lolloping Gallows Pole type rhythm. The bass line and guitar melodies intertwine throughout the song rather than it switching mood and pace on a dime like 3 songs stuck together *cough*GRN-DY*cough*

There are vocal crescendos and ‘woahahos’ that would unite a festival in an epic set closer and then there’s the crown jewels of the whole thing bringing in the final act. The guitar solo. The. Guitar. Solo. It’s immaculate, it’s searing and soaring, it’s one of the great guitar solo’s of our time, of all time. It’s just… Look John Frusciante plays so amazingly well on this song he left the band after this album. I’m guessing because he felt his work here was done.

2 thoughts on “Wet Sand – Red Hot Chili Peppers

  1. Now imagine: I heard that song live, on their concert, for the first time in my life. And I was like ‘What is that?! Is it new? It’s not from the newest album… WHAT. IS. THAT?! It sounds like Frusciante’s doing…’ I left the concert being deeper in love with them, and I thought back then it wasn’t possible. Well, they have surprised me many times ever since. Still.

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