Super Charger Heaven – White Zombie

Any song that begins with a sample from the Robert Wise movie The Haunting is playing right into my hands before it’s even struck a note. As a full blown B-Movie aesthetic cartoon metal band White Zombie take some beating. They’re like a technicolour Kiss on steroids. If Scooby Doo needed house band White Zombie would be the perfect act.

And so the thunderous dutch tilted heavy rock pounds out over atmospheric squiggles and tongues are placed firmly in cheeks for three and a half minutes.

The contrast between how White Zombie sound (like Marvel villain Mr Jip fronting a band of undead bikers) and how Super Charger Heaven’s parent album is packaged (Super Sexy Swinging Sounds comes in a mock 60’s easy listening sleeve complete with naked go-go girl pin-up in a hammock an Saul Bass style typography) tells you all you need to know about the humour here.

White Zombie know they are Spinal Tap. But they also know their audience know that. And everyone is happy to play the whole thing straight. This is true of almost all metal bands, don’t tell the fans it’s ridiculous, we know already.

Super Charger Heaven is big booming bellowing fun. The chorus is so simple it’s little more than shouting Devil Man over and over and head banging. What really sets this song apart from most metal is the momentum never giving away to sludge. There’s little doom or dirge in White Zombie’s best party tunes. Every instrument sounds like a revving engine.

Fitting then that this song along with Motörhead’s Overkill and Ministry’s Jesus Built My Hotrod form a holy trinity of songs to drive to if you need to do an hours journey in 45 minutes.

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