His Indie World – Mary Lou Lord

Songs that reference other bands are a sub-genre I take great delight in. Whether it’s Bowling For Soup’s Girl All the Bad Guys Want, The Wildhearts 29 x The Pain or Kid Rock’s American Badass, signing about other bands is a sure fire way of making the hardcore geeks sit up and take notice.

Mary Lou Lord was a lo-fi indie folk underdog in the mid 90’s who had boys and girls in plaid shirts mooning at her from across the fanzines and minidisc players. She’s like a girl version of Evan Dando, in a neat wooly hat.

His Indie World is a lament of how two record collection crossed lovers can never be forever because ‘Joni, Nick, Neil and Bob’ aren’t compatible with ‘Tsunami, Slint, Six and Smog’

I take great heart in this song. I like to think ‘His Indie World’ was entirely compatible with her Folk Rock existence in the long run. I married a girl who loves Soul and Blues more than Punk and Metal so I need to know it can go the distance.

While Mary Lou sees the relationship as doomed because this roll call of 90’s shoegaze doesn’t seem compatible with her 60’s flower heroes I think she just needs to buy Rust by Crazy Horse and their world will collide.


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