R.A.M.O.N.E.S – Ramones

Songs about other bands are a marvellous thing (see also His Indie World). Band’s covering songs about themselves by other bands? That’s the sort of shenanigans I am all about. When two titans of the Classic Rock world are at it, then I’m sold from the Hey Ho! It’s a sub genre I’m calling Heavy Meta if you shall, if you will, if you must.

So my love of The Ramones is worn loud and proud. Never to my ears was there a more perfect pop group. The Ramones were too good for us. We did not appreciate them enough when we had them and now they’re gone everyone is pretending like they were there in the fandom all along.

LIARS! You all thought the Ramones made the same record over and over again until they were gone. Only after they left did you review the situation and conclude that was a strength not a weakness.

There’s only one band I love more than The Ramones. And that’s Motörhead. As perfect a rock & roll proposition as there ever was. A purists’ idea of refining the same recipe until there are many perfect variants. Motörhead are just the best at being Motörhead. No other bands come close.

When Lemmy took it upon himself to write about Da Bruddas Ramone for the 1991 album 1914 it was clear it would be a stand out track.  A stand out on an album that already stood out as a second creative peak for the band.

You see Lem’s got previous on this kind of thing. His band are named after a track he wrote while in another band. So Motorhead by Hawkwind got covered by Motörhead the band on Motörhead the album, and a rock foundation stone was laid (see also Iron Maiden doing Iron Maiden on Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath doing Black Sabbath on Black Sabbath)

The tribute comes in the dialect of one road dog saluting another. Each member is name checked. The refrain “R.A.M.O.N.E.S. R.A.M.O.N.E.S. R.A.M.O.N.E.S. Ramones!” Will ensure any fan inked home-made tattoos form here on out are spelled right and the brevity of the song plays to both acts strengths. When The Ramones play it you’d believe it was their song from the off. When Lemmy’s boys do it you feel it is 100% Motörhead.

So The Ramones covering Motörhead singing about The Ramones. This is so going on the list.


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