Drugs Tonight – John Biz

I love songs that pop onto your radar in a hermetically sealed bubble. That’s the beauty of mixtapes, free downloads and other people’s random playlists.

I don’t know who John Biz is or when the track Drugs Tonight was recorded. And as much as I love this track there’s a certain perfect romance in not ever hearing anything else by him again. Part of the charm for me is that it could have been recorded anytime between 1994 and the present day. It’s a tumbling slice of kitchen sink drama from (I’m guessing) small town America focusing on substance abuse, ennui and mortality. It’s very alternative, kinda mumbled and utterly charming.

It helps that the lyrics are sharp and witty, that the pleasant simmering indie rock builds and that the pop sensibilities rise up in an optimistic peak around a chorus that rhymes ‘close my eyes, hold you tight’ with ‘I wanna take some drugs tonight’ but I can’t help but see this little capsule of a song as a potential mega hit in an alternative universe where John Biz is the voice of disaffected youth the world over and everyone knows every detail about everything he ever did.



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