Generation W-Wing- Matthew Good Band

There’s a genre that’s not a genre, if you know what I mean. There’s a type of (mostly) American punk rock which is indie, but is hardcore, but is skatepunk but is pop. And yet it’s none of those and all of the other sub scenes there are too. They all wear jeans and converse and have short hair, except the ones that don’t. And they make songs like Alkaline Trio, The Descendants and The Hold Steady, except when they don’t.

I don’t know if the Matthew Good Band fit that bill or not. Outside of this song I don’t know anything. This is another of those isolated songs with no frame of reference. I think it only came up on my radar because the title has a star wars reference. And yet Generation X-Wing is an anthem in my house.

It’s got a great band all doing good work throughout the track. Nimble bass, solid beat, superb tiny guitar flourishes and the sort of lyrics that sound like an Indie film plot treatment played out in 3 and a half minutes.

The opening verse is some typical loserville narrative of angst, unrequited love and boredom

“Venus was a fly trap, The man you loved devoured”

…Is a heck of an opening line.

But what was innocent lust and ennui to begin with takes on heavy overtones by the last verse.

The final refrain of “I will always be the worst” is one of the things that makes this so damned great.


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