I’m a Goner – Matt and Kim (feat. Soulja Boy & Andrew W.K)

A perfect example of a track that reminds you of a particular holiday. In 2012 my Wife’s side of the family took a big trip to Iceland. This song was in my playlist on the way out. It seemed to soundtrack everything from driving the ring road around the country to riding ski mobiles on top of glacier. We toured the bars and eateries of Reykjavik and swam in the blue lagoon all to this song.  Of course that’s not how it really played out. Three generations of the same family couldn’t agree what time to have breakfast or which activity we should do next let alone that our holiday should be soundtracked by a hipster electronic duo, Soulja Boy and the guy who did Party Hard. But I got to edit the family video of the holiday so that’s how they now all remember it.

The track has a wonderful cool airy feel. There’s plenty of room for everyone on the eclectic credits list to move around. Soulja Boy takes it down a notch and rolls with the groove rather than punching out the rhymes. Andrew W.K brings the big rock vocals to the end of it in a more Woodstock way than his usual Meatloaf/DC Punk hybrid. Kim’s sweet pop voice is the songs real hook though. It’s a wistful sounding vocal over sparse luxury electronics.


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