Steer Clear – Slaves (feat. Baxter Dury)

I’ve got a thing for when bands who nail what they do normally bring someone else in. It stems from when I was a kid and I couldn’t understand why Let It Be sounded like The Beatles but not like my Beatles. I didn’t know producers were a thing. I didn’t know why Let It Be was different to the others. It just was.

When a band bring someone in (a ‘feat.’ or a new member) the change in dynamic can make for some favourite stuff. Like when Motörhead hired one of Thin Lizzy or when Iggy sneaks up behind At The Drive In, Baxter Dury does a number on Slaves here.

Usually such a raw and intimidating proposition. The Slaves that play with Baxter have a mellow groove they’ve hinted at on their debut album but positively revel in on Take Control.

The Kent Punk vernacular established on Cheer Up London, Sockets and Where’s Your Car Debbie? sounds a lot more considered when brought down a few notches. And it has to be mentioned. Baxter don’t half sound like his old man.


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