Teenage Riot – Sonic Youth

There are anthems for lots of reasons. Songs can get the ‘Anthem’ status because they were big hits, because they are easy to copy live, because anyone can learn the chorus, because they define the times.

Teenage Riot is an anthem for a different reason. Or for a bunch of different reasons. It’s got the epic build, the sonic journey. It’s got funny lyrics that reference 70’s rock excess, secret locations and all of the freewheeling formative adventures that rock and roll fans pin to the songs of their youth.

It’s an epic, but it isn’t excessive or decadent. This track sounds like the best band at the best party finding their groove just as everyone is coming up.

The fact that Sonic Youth spent the rest of their career experimenting with noise, toy instruments and off tuning instead of refining this into Wonderwall is a fucking miracle.



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