To Be Without You – Ryan Adams

Every couple of months one new song dominates all the others you hear like a colossus. Sometimes it’s because it’s new and different. Sometimes it’s because it gets you at the right moment and sticks in your ear. Other times it’s because the alchemy suddenly aligns and the artist you’ve always kinda liked makes a record your really frikkin’ love.

This way is the opposite of the Hipster credo. I didn’t love this 3 years before everyone else.

Ryan Adams. I always kind of liked you, but was never that into you. 3 years ago you were just another indie minstrel, ‘Nuclear’, ‘Love Is Hell’, ‘New York, New York’, the Taylor Swift covers, they were OK. No. That’s no fair. They were good.

But this? This is awesome stuff. Ryan Adams has made the With Or Without You, the Iris, the She Talks To Angels of 2017

It’s about time. Get on it. Before it’s cool again.


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