Everything Thermals – The Thermals

Bands with their own title songs are cool. Sabbath, Maiden, Ramones, Motörhead they’ve all got them. And so do The Thermals.

If you’ve never heard The Thermals this is a crash course in the type of caffeine and speed fuelled lo-fi, high energy, B-Movie punk they toss off with ease.

Think a lower budget Ramones with day jobs and no uniform image.

‘Everything Thermals, Born in an outer space wormhole, brought to life by the big bang, travelled to Earth in a Dodge Van’  – What have you got in this opening couplet?

  • You’ve got the song title (you says the title you wins the prize)
  • You’ve got the space program, NASA and Sci Fi
  • You’ve got the dawn of all Creation
  • You’ve got touring toilet bands making their way around the universe

They’re cerebral and intimate;

‘The Thermals go right to your head The Thermals have sex in your bed, Everything in circles’

They have issues, big and small;

‘They only need skin and bones, And a sweet pair of headphones, The Thermals don’t need drugs to have a good time, The Thermals need drugs just to stay alive’

And there’s some really random stuff

They come in 4 shades of purple, Some are tight, some have trousers, Some have pictures of flowers’

As anthems go, it’s right up there with The Theme From The Muppets.


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