Shake Some Action – The Flaming Groovies

Shake Some Action is obvious proof that time travel exists. The Flaming Groovies have sculpted the perfect sound track to indie and rock influence shortlists. They’ve gone back in time and planted it in the mid seventies so only cool people with cool record collections can talk about how influential the record is. This sits along side Wire, Television and Big Star as a perfect distillation of what a no frills rock and roll outfit could toss of in that era and it not be the biggest hit.

It has one of those staccato guitar riffs like The Only Ones Another Girl Another Planet, those 60’s beat group vocals and two laid back yet scorching solos. The whole thing barrels along like a heavy rock song despite being pure power pop.

If you picture The Flaming Groovies in your head they could look like a matching hair cut and suit Beatles copyist combo, or the multi coloured pirates of the MC-5. They could have new wave skinny ties or they could be skinny jeans and leather jackets like a proto Strokes

These days the song pops up on movie scores, post punk compilations and lists of cool unspoiled almost lost gems. Like this one here. Yeah I was into them when I was 2, I definitely didn’t only just hear this recently.


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