Revolution Girls – Mariachi El Bronx

We moved house a few months back. Between getting the keys and sleeping there we had a couple of weeks of decorating, fixing the plumbing and moving car loads of my good lady wife’s endless library night after night. During all of this I had one night where I went out with the guys from work and saw a show. Mariachi El Bronx.

This tune really go under my skin. I downloaded it on the way home. I hooked up my Bluetooth speakers in my empty dining room and blared Revolution Girls over and over.

I bled radiators to the flamenco guitar intro. I cleaned bathrooms as I sang along. I danced on our landing, air guitared in our lobby and did the hand clappy fish stick dance while I waited for the couriers to bring the parts for the boiler.

Strange a match as it maybe. But our home was christened in a ‘boogie’ sense to the wonderful Revolution Girls by Mariachi El Bronx.


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