Freedom of Speech – Immortal Technique

The balls on display in Freedom Of Speech could only have come from an independent rapper. For all the aggression and potty mouths big label big names throw out it’s the street attitude that makes IT’s bars so much fun. And no label would let such a huge Disney sample go unpaid.

Opening with ‘Freedom of Speech, Motherfucker’ before wasting the next 30 seconds on da club and boasting about the size of his junk only serves the strong politics that follow as a leveller. Tech’s just a regular guy. He wants to party. But he can’t help speak his mind on the issues that matter. Even if it is with an L in his hand.

Tech’ came to party and to fight for rights. After berating racial inequality, Fox News, the Gulf War, The president, Corporate Sponsorship, John Ashcroft and Snake Ass Bitches in general he repeats how this Pinocchio sampling ditty is ‘For the kids’ and orders ‘Another rum and coke at the bar’ because today is his day off.

You’ve only got to listen to Dancing With The Devil or The Poverty Of Philosophy to hear how seriously IT takes his work. He is (for my money) all the more fantastic when he’s at play.


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