Silver Velvet – The Courtneys

Indie dream pop, sung by girls over feedback chiming garage rock. I’m a sucker for it. Schooled equally in JAMC and Cocteau Twins but sounding fresh and totally of our time this band have a great energy. In this Post-Haim indie landscape acts like Jennie Vee, Honeyblood, PINS and The Courtney’s are super fuzzing the pretty back on to the sonic map with an easy charm, great songs and a confidence that only comes from being a tight band who know what they’re about.

There’s shades of The Muffs and Belly in places but there is just as much Phil Spector and Courtney Barrett in the mix. But ultimately it’s lady made jangle pop the way there’s always some lady made jangle pop around. Whether they’ll do more, less or the same as The Fastbacks, The Breeders or Warpaint before them remains to be seen.

This sort of record is precisely what pop music is for. Noises like The Courtney’s are the point of this entire endeavour. Embrace them because Silver Velvet is perfect pop music and the band that made it are magnificent.

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