Youth Wasted – The Bronx

The Bronx started out as a brutal LA punk band with a melodic edge. As their albums went up in numerals they started to show other influences to their music. A bit of trad metal here, a stadium ready chorus there, the really bloody famous Mariachi side project etc etc.

Live they are one of the best acts touring the world in the 20teens and you should take every chance you get to go and see them.

By the time we get to The Bronx IV (the one with the red cover and the tiger on the front) we’ve got a fully rounded, well produced anthemic yet still punk band who can pump out songs like Under The Rabbit, The Unholy Hand and this little gem like it’s easy.

Youth Wasted is what mosh pits are for. ‘Sometimes the best laid plans, Still end with blood on your hands’ may sound like a cautionary tale but it comes across as hopeful, it comes across as consolation and as assurance. The music is a little bit Black Flag, a little bit Judas Priest. There’s a modicum of Green Day, a fair shot of Rancid and flashes of Ozzy Osbourne’s solo stuff in this track. There’s a whole fist of ‘uncool’ influences in The Bronx sound along with all the punk greats. But the energy, the bite, the ferocity. That all comes totally from the band.

Youth is not wasted on the young. The Bronx are wasted on most. This band deserve to be huge.

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