Endless Art – A House

What was it like being an Art Student in the 90’s?

Just listen to the lyrics of this song and you’re right there. In the refectory of any art college in the last couple of decades of the 20th century.

The conjecture, the name dropping, the mix of high art and pop culture references. All total twaddle but bloody good fun if you’re an argumentative prick with delusions of your own opinions importance.

‘All art is quite useless according to Oscar Wilde’

This is quite possibly the most art studenty opening line any song ever had. The bands name, A House is really art studenty too.

‘What’s the name of your band?’

“We’re called A House”

‘Why would you call your band that’

“We thought the juxtaposition of something as ordinary and every day a A Hou…”

‘Is that the time? Sorry I’ve got too… Bye’

Musically it’s a big wall of sound motif that loops around and around behind the barrage of facts rattled off in the artiest of all accents (Dublin Irish)

‘Henry Moore 1896 to 1986, Henry Miller, Sid Vicious only 21, Brian Jones, Otis Redding 1941 to 1967 R.I.P, All dead, yet still alive, In endless time, endless art’

It’s as fascinating who did make this list as who didn’t. The chronology is abstract and the headliners in the last verse a ‘debate society’ dream text :

‘Van Gogh 1853 to 1890, Ian Curtis, Salvador Dali, Johann Strauss, Richard Strauss, Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse R.I.P’

And as it comes to an end a snippet of Beethoven’s fifth pops up in the fade. Sneaky.

Bloody Students.

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