Suds & Soda – Deus

In 1994 ‘Alternative’ ruled everything. I was at college and consuming all the alternative music that came flooding out of the grunge explosion. Things we’re exciting musically but there was a risk that things could get a bit samey and copy cat.

dEus made sure that wasn’t the case. This freaky European take on the grunge template was so wonky and discordant that it stood out from the early Britpop and post Kurt grunge in a brilliant way.

The lead riff sounds like it could be played on a lunatic violin or even a bent saw. A woozy Eh Orh Eh Orh Eh Orh runs all over the chaos from the off. The vocal chant is so fuzzy it sounds like it’s coming through a loudhailer stolen by a street preacher speaking in tongues. Someone in the background is shouting ‘FRIED EGG FRIED EGG FRIED EGG’ over and over.

Barking the verse in a chant gives way to a chorus so uplifting you feel the hairs on your arms stand up even though the words are mostly unintelligible.

dEus have made better songs since. Fuller more rounded and melodic tracks. Some of it is really beautiful stuff. But Suds & Soda blaring out of the record shops in 1994 was such an ‘New’ sound to me I will always remember that moment.

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