Only In The Past – The Be Good Tanyas

The Be Good Tanya’s deploy their arsenal of woozy dream like vocals and the mellowest bluegrass trickle to incredible effect on many a beautiful track. On this one Only In The Past they give us a song about regret and longing designed to reduce statues to rubble and big burly men & women to wistful wrecks.

This song is the prettiest little ditty if you let it tickle away in the back ground. You could hum along and have a lovely time with it if everything was right in your world.

Buyer Beware! This will tear your heart out and have you sobbing hail stones if it gets you at the wrong moment. As is the way in most Therapists chairs you take away from Only In The Past what you bring in with you. If you’ve recently lost someone or been through a break up stay the hell away. If you’ve had a couple of drinks and are somehow on your own after dark with nothing but a tub of ice cream, you’re fucked.

The lyric tells a story of running into an old flame in a dream.

‘Dreamed that I saw you, down at the corner store, you were looking through magazine and you flew out the door, I was trying to wave to you but you wouldn’t wave back, now you know I under stand you were with me only in the past’

It’s devastating stuff. They do this a couple of times. Like a bomber circling around to drop another payload on it’s target. Then they rain down that fiddle solo. It’s emotional napalm.

By the time the main refrain has become ‘It doesn’t matter any more’ you broken hearted types might as well lay down and die. You’re finished.


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