I Keep Out Of It – Sleaford Mods

There’s a crudity to Sleaford Mods that should put people off them (and perhaps to some it does). There is so little finesse to what they do. Everyone involved by rights ought to be aware and discussing that the recordings they’re making are not ‘there yet’. That’s the winning element though. The urgency. Sleaford Mods are no spring chickens. They’re too old to try and be cool. They’re already two grumpy old Mark E Smith’s armed with dated software and rudimentary programming abilities. It’s like they’ve got what they wanted to say down. It’s 80% done. Move on!

So they crunk their way along over minimal percussion. Jason Williamson talking about life in austerity England like an irate acquaintance you only ever run into at the bus stop.

It’s kind of nice to hear a rapper use phrases like ‘People half your age’, ‘put some fooking hearting on’, ‘coffees at expensive tea shops full of local art, fuck off!’ in their local accent instead of some hybrid patois that tries to pretend it’s something its not.

The flow of one subject into another is part of the pleasure of Keep Out Of It. We get insights on eating coffee-mate by the spoon (it tastes like cake mix), those green crystals in public loos and why Ian is still a twat.

Kind of reminds me of going home to visit my folks and running into someone I haven’t seen in years. They talk really fast at you about things you only half know and are overly familiar and sort of angry.


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