7th Street Queen – Friends Like These

Clattering drums and lo fi mumbles give way to a fuzzed out riff of slacker indie intro guitar (or possibly bass, with the pedals on that heavy it could be either). There’s a Neil Young-esque mumble core vocal and Ohhhh Oh Oh’s on the back ground. The drums continue to clatter and the whole thing has a charm in it’s shambolic nature.

Things sharpen up when a possible second guitarist starts knocking things into shape. Then a familiar voice chimes in. Craig Finn from The Hold Steady pipes in for a guest verse as if he’s a rapper dropping a couple of bars.

‘Hold up wait a minute! I got something to say!’

A verse chocful of Twin Cities venue references (The Basement, The Entry, City Billiards) and tales of kids on drugs

“dizzy, baked to the point where the band can’t even play, looking killer but feeling like she’s falling over”

There’s also strangely a nod towards 80’s icon Adam Ant

“we made some buccaneer jokes when the DJ put on Stand And Deliver”

It’s a scorching cameo. It adds a dimension to Friends Like These sound and makes the whole Minneapolis scene look like a utopia that can be Stoner, Spoken Word, Pop Punk or Classic Rock.

This whole track is a ball of fun. There’s also enough going on here to fill an album.


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