Rolodex Propaganda – At The Drive In

An Iggy Pop guest spot is like winning a gold Olympic medal in punk rock. If Igg is prepared to turn up in your recording studio and holler ‘Manuscript replica!’ over and over while your mental band flit through time changes and choruses about ‘infrared, half eaten beards’ and a ‘mechanical pancreas being eaten by history’ you’re levelling up.

At The Drive In are a strange proposition for a household name. Yet they seem universally adored by Indie types. A band so cool and obsucre it would be heresy to not like them. Part math rock, part speed fuelled jazz band strapped to a random word generator. Their singer sounds utterly convincing at yet entirely out of key.

The manic instrumentation is almost always so feebly represented on tape (well not tape, but you know what I mean) you get the impression if they were playing at a normal speed and volume you’d hardly hear a tune at all. But like this… At a fast pace and an awkward angle. It’s compelling listening.

I’ve had this record almost 20 years and still don’t have a clue what they’re on about. I think that’s why people enjoy them so much. they’re almost impenetrable and yet everyone loves a fast loud shouty punk band.

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