Gene Jeanie – Camp Freddy

I’m not claiming this all star jam band (Camp Freddy is basically a band made up of members of Jane’s Addiction, Guns N’ Roses and any other LA musician at a loose end when they play) does a better version that the original. I’m not even claiming it’s the best cover of Gene Jeanie ever recorded, and yet I am saying this song benefits from a layer of peroxide sunset strip sleaze rock all up in it’s riffs.

This song is kind of the template for all the laviscious cock rock that followed after it. While the goons who made 80’s ‘Hair Metal’ may not have understood the subtlety, the wink and the intelligence of Alladin Sane era Bowie… Certain bands did add their own angle to DB’s template. The true luminaries of that era, GNR, Jane’s, etc carved their own thing out in Gene Jeanie’s shadow.

When Dave Navarro peels off that lick. When Matt Sorum lays down the groove, It sounds more ‘stripper friendly’ than ever. English Actor Donovan Leitch takes on the vocal duties. And has a high old-time of it doing so.

This recording was made as an exclusive for the soundtrack to West of Memphis. A powerful documentary about the abuse of justice and vilification and incarceration of those who don’t fit in to a narrow view of middle American society. It’s proceeds went towards the legal costs of freeing the falsely convicted West Memphis Three.

Great rock songs deserve to be covered a lot. Really classic rock songs sound great whoever is doing the cover.

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