Death’s Door – Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

Sinister opening bars cut into a fuzzy groove. Reverb flecked vocals echo Joshua Homme impersonating Dracula as they sidle up to the riff. The bands ‘Russ Meyers does Hammer Horror’ aesthetic matches their sound perfectly.

‘I don’t know what I hold in my hand, could it be that I’m evil?’

It’s slinky heavy rock. It’s the Joshua Tree stoner groove with a pinch of vaudeville. They’re not afraid of an extended instrumental interlude. It’s proper spaced opera rock and roll in places.

This track comes from their beautifully packaged Blood Lust album. Never did a records sleeve describe more accurately what the sleazy low rent music within sounded like.

Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats aren’t for everyone. They’re an aficionado’s band. They’re like Eagles Of Death Metal with tunes. Like Sleep with pop sensibilities and like Ghost without all the adolescent Satanic bullshit. They’re for the type of schlock and roll fan who is up to their hips in it and wants to wade deeper.

These are some very high quality low life’s. Scumbags of the highest order. Top draw gutter dwellers.

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