Pump Up The Volume – Art Brut

If I could do any song at Kareoke. I mean ANY song. I’d do Pump Up The Volume by Art Brut.

There are three reasons why I’d choose a minor single by a minor indie band that really wouldn’t get anyone on the floor dancing nor get anyone on my side.

And they are as follows:

  1. You don’t have to sing to do Art Brut. Eddie Argos doesn’t even attempt to make it sound like singing. He is just talking. Not even messing the phraseology about. Just chatting away. And I can’t sing. So I only have to worry about remembering the words really
  2. I know all the words. I’ve been obsessed with this song over the years since it came out. It’s one I can never turn off either. If Pump Up The Volume is playing and I’m finished what I’m doing I stick around until it ends because I think it’s such a great record. I relate to it’s lyrics too much.
  3.  It’s lyrics explain perfectly that obsession with pop music which can plague a person over all else. ‘I know I shouldn’t and it’s possibly wrong, to break from your kiss to turn up a pop song’ might be the High Fidelity crowds national anthem. ‘Rolling around amongst our clothes on the floor, I can’t help it, have you heard this song before?’ That’s lyrical genius. Right. There.

The crowd would go wild for my rendition of Pump Up The Volume. But it’s never in the book sooo. Guess I’ll leave it tonight. Shame really.


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