Bonanza Ska – Carlos Malcolm and his Afro-Jamaican Rhythms

Recorded on a rubber band stretched over a comb this track is just so much fun. It’s appeal is pure childishness. The theme from 50’s TV show Bonanza played in a ska style by a band of cheeky trumpeteers and a crazed band leader who eggs everyone on with Comanche Indian war cries and animal noises.

This track came to me on a Trojan Records Sampler many years ago. While I’ve always respected Trojan and it’s place in the pantheon of rock and roll music I never quite got the appeal of reggae until this sampler passed through my hands.

The infectious attitude of the label and it’s artists transcends the genre. Even if reggae and dub are lost on you, pissing about with your mates, grooving really hard or fast on a great bass line or hollering a catchy chorus at the top of your lungs is something any music fan can get behind. It’s all to be had at Trojan (the label were also at the top of the UK charts the day I was born) so I’m down with what they are want to do.

Bonanaza Ska might seem like a trivial way to find an ‘in’ for such a vibrant and important musical movement. But it made so much sense to me. These guys were in it for the sheer daft grin inducing rush of playing along.  This record makes perfect sense.


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