Loco Mosquito – Iggy Pop

Today is Mr Jim’s 70th Birthday. The gatekeeper of punk and elder Statesman of rock and roll made it further than many of his peers. For this I am thankful. For Iggy Pop, for punk rock, for the Berlin period, for the collaborations, the movies, the soundtracks, The Stooges, for Post Pop Depression, Brick By Brick, Blah Blah Blah, for BBC 6 Music’s Confidential show, The John Peel Lecture, Coffee & Cigarettes and Trainspotting I am thankful.

I’ll be celebrating with a party song. Not from the Party! Album but from 1991’s Soldier. Loco Mosquito is a drunken nursery rhyme set to a speedy reggae skank. The sing song lyrics are hollered like a battle cry over a woozy organ.

Iggy’s got some energy to burn, some wrongs to right and some old Transvestites to hang out with. He’s claiming less than divine intervention guides his hand and he’s trying to avoid the draft while the band nail the groove down by it’s tail and give it a sound thrashing.

Happy Birthday Iggy Pop. I’ll raise my glass and bop along ‘Like a Loco Mosquito


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