Theme from Hammond Organ – Primal Scream

If I were a 70’s TV cop (which, given some of the cars I’ve driven over the years, I might be) this would be my theme music.

Theme from Hammond Organ is a Primal Scream B-Side from their ‘going all techno’ era single Kill All Hippies. It’s a more ‘timeless’ composition than the A-Side. By hailing from the late 90’s and trying to emulate the early 70’s it actually spans a much bigger arc. It’s an instrumental from a bygone era, posing as a instrumental from a ‘more bygone’ (?) era.

Just as the 1980’s pop culture scions were obsessed with the 1950’s and in the Britpopping of the 1990’s we appropriated all that swinging 60’s chic, It makes sense that in 2017 something from the late 2000’s that is culturally really 90’s harks back to the 70’s an yet sounds timeless. Right? I mean, Duh?

So since the days of boom-boxes and cassette players in my cars, right up to now with the Bluetooth to the iPhone, when I’m rolling and this tune comes on; I’m a 70’s Cop with a TV show, listening to a song from the millennium, by a band from the 90’s.


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